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Issue 105 / April – June 2021




40 Coming of age during Covid-19

We meet three young people who have succeeded professionally despite the challenges of lockdown life

72 Taking stock of locks: natural haircare explained

Natural haircare is the next frontier for people who are keen to return to beauty basics

08 In sight

A project that offers dance to women who have been affected by cancer

27 Positive picture

A poignant family portrait from a new book about single fathers

10 News in brief

If it succeeds it leads: we round up all the latest headlines of hope

28 Good Figures

Intelligent optimism in numbers: inspiring stats from the last quarter

57 Sparks

Five positive steps you can take today to help the generations of the future

74 Silver linings

Keeping the peace: the initiatives that are designed to recapture quiet in our lives

76 Life after

One woman describes what has helped her living with an eating disorder

78 The rewrite

Perspective-shifting ideas that are helping to rewrite the way the world works

80 For the love of

Mark Avery of the Wild Justice campaign group on using the law to protect wildlife

82 Our community

We meet the family that uses Positive News to bring much-needed perspective


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