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Peggy Seeger ith Calum MacColl


Tarrayst singer Rkia Talbensirt

17 Spotlight

H a m z a b b a l

V i c k i

S h a r p

32 Peggy Seeger

UPFRONT 06 Top of the World CD 08 What’s New 15 Folk Focus 16 Songlines Encounters

Festival 2021 17 Spotlight:

Tarrwaysin & Rrways Anthology 18 Introducing...

Balkan Taksim & TRÚ 20 Simon Says 21 Letters

FEATURES 22 Rhiannon Giddens

& Francesco Turrisi Duo contemplate what ‘home’ means 26 Songlines Music

Awards 2021 The nominees! 30 Piers Faccini

The singer reveals his borderless ethos 32 Peggy Seeger

The singer and activist on her unique and candid style of songwriting 36 Art of the Album

Ten covers that shook up the world of design

“We are being turned into receivers,

and absolutely anything can get in, amid the crackle and fizz, and take over. This is not so far from psychosis. Music-listening as a

Tinder-style mindwank” Chris Moss despairs about the digital garden of endless variety. Read his Soapbox on p73

REVIEWS 40 Africa 42 Americas 44 Europe 50 Middle East 51 Asia 52 Fusion 56 Books 58 Classical & Jazz 59 World Cinema 60 Live Reviews

52 Fusion 56 Books 58 Classical & Jazz 59 World Cinema 60 Live Reviews

18 Balkan Taksim

M i l u ă

F l u e r a ş


62 My World:

Roxanna Panufnik 64 Beginner’s Guide to Chango Spasiuk 67 Quickfire 69 Dispatch from

Kampala, U 71 My Instrum

Kampala, Uganda 71 My Instrument:

Stefano Val 73 Soapbox 74 Essential 10

Stefano Valla 73 Soapbox 74 Essential 10:

Live Album

Live Albums

64 Chango

64 Chang




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