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StandStandVolume 19 (1)


John Whale Gianluca Guerriero

Jan Bay-Petersen Jeffrey Wainwright Andrew McNeillie Alison Brackenbury

Marty Newman Ciaran Buckley

Rick Hudson Robert N. Friedland

Fred Johnston Chloe D’Arcy Jason Allen-Paisant

Mariah Whelan

Jane Thomas Eleanor Richardson

Nigel Prentice

Jenny King Howard Wright

D A Prince Sherry Johnson

Zaffar Kunial

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Editorial A Note on the Cover Two Poems Pieces of Coal Five Poems Six Poems Leaving Malebolge Men Without Time Records and That The Referral Instant of Detonation The Hour Two Poems Two Poems Two Poems Two Poems Two Poems Two Poems Six Poems Two Poems Untitled Three Poems

Stuart Henson Deborah Ward Peppy Barlow John Gohorry Bethany W Pope

Sue Spiers Seamus Lucason Matthew Stewart

Zora Field Peter Hebden Philippe Jaccottet trans. by Penny McCarthy

Penny McCarthy Mark McGuinness

Peter Rawlings Jonny Rodgers Christopher Williams

Anne Pawle Miriam Balanescu Merryn Williams

Anthony Rudolf

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CHAncery 8800 The Prize Fighter Newton’s Cat Three Poems Two Poems The Apple Tree Timothy Past Midnight Three Poems Three Poems Semi-permeable Toi cependant Two Poems Fox’s Wedding Two Poems Two Poems Two Poems Clocks The Window Cleaner The Evidence Secret Sharer or Buried Life

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