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Party’s over, p10

Face the music, p24


3 Leading article 6 Portrait of the Week 9 Diary My preparations for Prince Philip’s funeral Huw Edwards 10 Politics Biden’s party is over

Daniel McCarthy 11 The Spectator’s Notes

India’s remarkable influence on our language Charles Moore 14 Barometer Royal funerals, April snow showers and female riders 15 Rod Liddle How I’ll remember

Shirley Williams 21 Douglas Murray

The good guys have lost 23 Ancient and modern

The dutiful Duke 25 Mary Wakefield Our mental health is going up in smoke 29 Letters Civil liberties, vaccine passports and Kew’s politicking 32 Any other business

Spring at last — but who’d want to own a giant shopping mall? Martin Vander Weyer

Reign Rover, p50

12 The green games

Boris Johnson’s Olympic ambitions for the climate change summit Katy Balls 13 Christopher James ‘The Watchmaker of Idlib’: a poem 14 Mourning sickness Why are we so scared of other people’s grief? Fiona Mountford 16 Royal appointment The day I danced with Prince Philip

Alicia Healey 18 Russian count Putin’s hidden Covid deaths

Owen Matthews 22 War machines Who can take on China in the tech arms race? Ian Williams 24 Loony tunes The unstoppable rise of

‘background’ music Christopher Howse 28 Home affront What we can learn from

Britain’s rationing mistakes Matt Ridley 31 Money to burn Consumers, not ministers, will lead the recovery Matthew Lynn


BOOKS 34 Philip Hensher

The Adventures of Miss Barbara Pym, by Paula Byrne 35 Denis Welch

‘To Derek Mahon’: a poem 36 Julie Bindel

Gay Bar, by Jeremy Atherton Lin Lee Langley The Field, by Robert Seethaler 37 John Maier

Beyond, by Stephen Walker 38 Horatio Clare

Albert and the Whale, by Philip Hoare Benjamin Dreyer Raising Demons, by Shirley Jackson 40 Anne de Courcy

The Duchess Countess, by Catherine Ostler 41 Nick Lezard

Pedro and Ricky Come Again, by Jonathan Meades Mark Bostridge London, Burning, by Anthony Quinn

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