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Yours for $69 million, p47

Rocket man, p37


ARTS 42 Lloyd Evans How did the theatre become a fun-free zone? 44 Classical music The best of Ethel Smyth

Alexandra Coghlan Dance Rambert; Impermanence

Sara Veale 46 Film Promising Young Woman

Deborah Ross 47 Podcasts NFTs

John Phipps Television Your Honor

Devil… the Art of Starting Over Rod Liddle LIFE 53 High life Taki Low life Jeremy Clarke 54 Real life Melissa Kite 56 The turf Robin Oakley Bridge Susanna Gross AND FINALLY . . . 50 Notes on… Land Rovers Ben Fogle 58 Chess Luke McShane Competition Lucy Vickery 59 Crossword Doc 60 No sacred cows Toby Young Battle for Britain Michael Heath 61 Sport Roger Alton Your problems solved Mary Killen 62 Food Tanya Gold Mind your language Dot Wordsworth

James Delingpole 49 Theatre General Secretary; Testament

Lloyd Evans The listener Demi Lovato: Dancing with the

A very English scandal, p40

‘We’re not an island. We are part of something far, far bigger,’ say the HSBC adverts. The bank is telling the truth: it is now effectively part of something far, far bigger than this island — China. Charles Moore, p11

Theatre has as much impact on society as jazz has on gardening. Lloyd Evans, p42

I want to know who, besides myself, is credulous enough to eat outside on a day when it has also snowed. Tanya Gold, p62


Daniel McCarthy is the editor of Modern Age: A Conservative Review. On p10 he explains why the Democratic party is in more trouble than it seems.

Alicia Healey, a stylist and former Buckingham Palace housemaid, reveals on p16 how it felt to dance with Prince Philip. She is the author of Wardrobe Wisdom from a Royal Lady’s Maid.

the spectator | 17 april 2021 |

Ian Williams, who writes about Britain’s worrying dependence on Chinese tech companies on p22, is a former foreign correspondent for Channel 4 News and NBC.

Horatio Clare, who on p38 reviews a book about Albrecht Dürer, is a writer and broadcaster. His latest book is Heavy Light: A Journey Through Madness, Mania and Healing.

Ben Fogle is a broadcaster, adventurer and author of Land Rover: The Story of the Car That Conquered the World. On p50 he praises Prince Philip’s decision to be laid to rest in a Defender 130 Gun Bus.


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