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Spring 2021 Volume 56 Number 3


FEATURES 2. Editorial 15. Zoë Brigley, Kristian Evans and Robert

Minhinnick, ‘Sand & Snow: a Conversation for Three Voices’ 35. Phil Jones, ‘Two trees that have twisted trunks:

writing poetry and song’ 38. ‘Each thing quietly at its work’ – Carl Griffin and

Hilary Watson in conversation with Seán Hewitt 56. Philip Gross, Cyril Jones and Valerie Coffin

Price, ‘Troeon:Turnings – A Confluence’

REVIEWS 70. April Yee on Lucy Wadham, Des Mannay and Ranjit Hoskote 74. Stephen Payne on Marvin Thompson and Oliver Reynolds 76. Rhys Owain Williams on J. Brookes 78. Zoë Wells on Pat Edwards and

Kittie Belltree

POEMS 3. Joanna Ingham 4. Fiona Benson 9. Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch 10. Robert Walton 12. Alycia Pirmohamed 14. Jeremy Hooker 20. Robert Minhinnick 21. Amelia Eilertsen 22. Jane Draycott 23. Judy Brown 25. Matthew Haigh 26. Estelle Price 28. Graham Mort 30. Sascha Aurora Akhtar 32. Rae Howells 34. Tracey Rhys 37. Nicholas McGaughey 42. Jeanette Burton 45. Christopher Horton 46. Archie Capon 47. Katherine Stockton 48. Juliet Antill 49. Rebecca Farmer 50. Daisy Henwood 51. Sarah Salway 52. Harriet Truscott 53. Laura Seymour 54. Shauna Robertson 63. Sheenagh Pugh 66. Jennie Farley 67. Taz Rahman 68. Kath Osgerby 69. Edward Lee 82. Peter Carpenter

Editor Jonathan Edwards

1 P O E T R Y W A L E S

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