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CONTENTSMay 2021 • Volume 93 • Issue 05


32SEXUALITYANDTHECITY In cities around the world, the geography of homosexuality is shifting. As historic bars and clubs close down, or where they never existed, queer people are reacting, just as they always have, by finding new ways to gather.


THE RETURN OF HUNGER The global decline in hunger has now ended, despite the fact that we produce enough food to feed the population. What can be done?


HEAT FROM BENEATH The UK has made little progress decarbonising heating, but a green source lies under the feet of a quarter of the population.


THE CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR John Gilbey rides an historic train across wild, changing landscapes.

48 Find out more about the benefits of joining at

RGS panel

Find out more about the benefits of joining at www.

VIRTUAL TRAVEL Prolific voyager and travel writer Hadani Ditmars attempts to slake her wanderlust through virtual travel and digital tours.


DEPARTMENTS WORLDWATCH 6 Environmental accounting 8 Changing seasons; Climatewatch 10 Narwhal tusk research 11 Mapping river blockages 12 Geopolitical hotspot:

Global Britain 14 Research round-up REGULARS 56 Geo-graphic: The world’s royals 58 Reviews 62 Geo photographer: Linda Wisdom 64 Gallery: Fukushima surfers ten year’s on 72 Where in the world? 73 Crossword 74 In Society 75 RGS-IBG events 76 RGS-IBG archive 78 Discovering Britain 82 Next Month: Arctic sentinels

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