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The Spectator’s first woman, p36

Russia’s revenge, p10

Alive and kicking, p50


3 Leading article 6 Portrait of the Week 9 Diary The BBC’s royal misstep

Jonathan Dimbleby 10 Politics Putin’s on manoeuvres

James Forsyth 11 The Spectator’s Notes

New Zealand is scared of China Charles Moore 14 Barometer Relegations, mutations and Eurovision deliberations 15 Lionel Shriver

Reparations for slavery don’t add up 19 Ancient and modern

In the gift 25 Matthew Parris

How to get a police record 31 Letters Godolphin, grieving and the cost of going green 32 Any other business

Crypto is a virtual Las Vegas Martin Vander Weyer

12 Biden’s rodeo

The President’s first 100 days Freddy Gray 13 From Washington with love

Biden shouldn’t send me money Kate Andrews 14 Gene wilder

I’m Neanderthal and proud of it Hugh Thomson 16 A game of patients The malingerers are back

Dr Anton Gilbert 18 Greedball The beautiful game of capitalism

Rod Liddle 21 Not my type Who needs role models anyway?

Julie Burchill 22 Left behind

The urgent need for social mobility Lee Cain 24 Queen of the Greens Is this Germany’s new kingmaker?

Katja Hoyer 28 Home truths The perils of life in a listed building

Hamish Scott


BOOKS 34 Andrew Motion

Monica Jones, Philip Larkin and Me, by John Sutherland 36 Anthony Sattin

Inventory of a Life Mislaid, by Marina Warner Ian Thomson

The Pioneering Life of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, by Jo Willett 37 Susie Mesure

The Coming Bad Days, by Sarah Bernstein 38 Salma Shah

In the Thick of It, by Alan Duncan Tim Butcher

Loot, by Barnaby Phillips 40 Tom Williams

Clive Bell and the Making of Modernism, by Mark Hussey Mika Ross-Southall

Chauvo-Feminism, by Sam Mills; Tomorrow Sex Will be Good Again, by Katherine Angel

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