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161 Archive Laura Mullen 162 Three Andrew Levy 173 Three Ashunda Norris 176 Two Martha Ronk 178 Talking Dog Jordan Davis 182 from An Orange Ted Dodson 238 Malware Adra Raine 240 Four poems for Fence Rob McLennan 243 Four Paintings by Agnes Martin Elizabeth Robinson

& Susanne Dyckman

253 from Starfucker Kay Gabriel 257 Two Claire Dougherty 271 Three Michael Borth 279 A Last Day in Oakland YL Xue 280 Patricia Hartland 290 [a note however brief on/of eclogues] Bp Sutton


16 As Something Breaks Sara Duff 50 The Emigrant Scott Lambridis 81 Do the Sounds of Crystal in Your

Nighttime Nest Surprise You? Caren Beilin 116 Shearling Samantha Burns 131 Breaking Jackelyn Hoy 166 The Barge Halley Parry 185 What Was Left Michael Holt 247 We Were Having a Nice Time . . . Adeena Reitberger 260 Bottom of the Hill Michele Suzann


190 A Portfolio About A British TV Show

Called In the Flesh Collected by Jason Zuzga 192 Match Cut Dominic Mitchell 196 Scenes from In the Flesh,

Episodes 1, 2, &3 Dominic Mitchell

216 Selections from The Diary of Losing Dad Emily Bevan 234 Brains, Performance, Speaking:

A fragment of a transcription of a zoom conversation between Luke Newberry & Jason Zuzga

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