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Building back hope Issue 326 May/June 2021





10 DEFENDING OUR FORESTS Helen Dancer asks if Rights of Nature are the answer 14 A QUESTION OF DEVELOPMENT Brazil has to accept its violent past, writes Tsitsina

Xavante 16 ALL THE WORLD IN A WELSH BLACK OAT Andy Pilsbury and Hannibal Rhoades introduce a photo essay 18 A PLANT OF GOOD FORTUNE Jonathan Drori extols the virtues of clover 20 CABIN FEVER Lesley Riddoch calls for a renaissance of the Scottish hut 23 ALL ABOARD

Richard Collins shares the story of a community-built boat


24 A CALL FOR GREEN SABBATHS Jonathan Schorsch offers a way to put the Anthropocene to rest – once a week

2 Resurgence & Ecologist

Cover image: Illustration by Cécile Girardin @cecilegirardin


30 A FAIRER FUTURE BEYOND COVID Clifford Singer introduces our themed section 32 PUTTING CHANGE ON THE MAP An online project celebrates the communities forging a sustainable future 34 REFRAMING ECONOMICS

Herbert Girardet presents a 12-point plan for recovery 36 WORKING FOR A FUTURE Jonathan Neale calls for global solidarity over ‘climate jobs’ 38 ON THE MONEY Russell Warfield welcomes a new report on the balance of wealth 40 VISUALISING THE FUTURE Glasgow gets a glimpse of what could be


42 LEGACY OF LOVE Satish Kumar reflects on politics and poetry 44 THE FABRIC OF RESILIENCE

Claire Wellesley-Smith shares a project connecting people, place and plants 46 WOMEN OF WORDS Katharine Norbury sets the scene for a new anthology 48 A SEARCH FOR WISDOM Miguel Mendonça begins a journey

May/June 2021

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