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KATHARINA BECKER Editorial v MAEVE SIKORA, MARY CAHILL AND LAUREEN BUCKLEY Recent discoveries of Early Bronze Age burials in Ireland 1 MADELINE O’BRIEN AND JOHN WADDELL Excavation at a linear earthwork at Teltown, Co. Meath 33 FIONA BEGLANE, JAMES BONSALL, LOUISE NUGENT, JAMES MORAN AND HELEN MEEHAN An oasis in the desert: the early ecclesiastical site of Disert, Co. Donegal 57 DIRK H. STEINFORTH ‘That stepping-stone in the middle of the Irish Sea’: the Dublin Vikings and the Isle of Man in the late ninth century 81 TADHG O’KEEFFE Theory and medieval archaeology in Ireland and beyond: the narrative tradition and the archaeological imagination 99 MARK GARDINER Landscape and farming in the north of Ireland in the late Middle Ages and early modern period: the evidence from the uplands 117 BOOK REVIEWS 135 A geography of offerings: deposits of valuables in the landscapes of ancient Europe,

reviewed by Dirk Brandherm Native and Roman on the northern frontier: excavations and survey in a later prehistoric landscape in

Upper Eskdale, Dumfriesshire, reviewed by Marcus Byrne Celtic from the West 3. Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages: questions of shared language, reviewed by

James Eogan

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