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Next issue deadline 15th May 2021 (PM109 published 31st July 2021). Contributions and enquiries to: Email: Telephone: +44 (0)1730 776 585

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Permaculture needs to be more diverse and inclusive – and to spread the word further Permanent Publications and Permaculture Magazine want to attract more diverse and inclusive authors, photographers and artists for our book list and PM, and for video creators for our YouTube channel. We are looking to connect and recruit! We live in a global community and we want to reflect and represent this with what we do as publishers and as permaculture people. We are open to all people from all parts of the community, ethnicities, ages, genders. For too long, permaculture has been too niche, too predominantly white. We know there are brilliant, innovative people and communities out there who are already making a significant difference in the world. We want to share these stories with PM readers and also with the world’s media.

extraordinary work with its farming community and beyond. GPI have trained over 13,000 farmers in a range of skills including beekeeping, setting up indigenous tree nurseries and planting food forests. They have established a micro-credit system for the community and teach children how to grow food and farm mushrooms for added income in schools. They teach permaculture design and train women especially in backyard farming. Permanent Publications Authors To date, our Permanent Publications imprint has published over 100 books. We want to increase the representation of BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of colour) authors on our list. If you have an idea for a book that you believe needs writing we would love to hear from you.

Over the past three years our annual PM Prize has helped us connect with some of the most inspiring permaculture stories globally. This has included Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Australia, Asia, Europe, the USA and the UK. We are now seeking to take this to the next level. In response to Black Lives Matter and other consciousness raising events, we want to gather and share more stories and offer more examples of permaculture’s successes from right around the world and from our own doorstep as well.

One of the most inspiring examples of permaculture work we have encountered is the Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI) who won our inaugural 2018 £10,000 Permaculture Grand Prize for its

Please read our ‘how to submit a book proposal’ guidelines here: https:// Permaculture Magazine Contributors PM relies for the most part on a mix of articles from its readers and from established authors/teachers/students/ practitioners on permaculture and related subjects. If you would like to contribute an article or photographs for possible inclusion in a future issue please refer to our guidelines and get in touch. We want to hear from all people and represent the myriad impacts of permaculture techniques in our pages.

For more information please view: www.

Members of the Ghana Permaculture Institute Left to right: CEO, Director and Trainer, Dr Paul Yeboah, Dr Agnes Ameyaa, Rural Women Poverty Eradication Leader, Frederick Pim Yeboah, permaculture student. Trainee Editor We want to develop young talent and offer a paid internship to someone young who is BIPOC and who wants to learn all about editing and publishing – someone with a passion for the environment. This work will include printed books, online posts and videos.

Interested? Then please email your CV to:

This year’s International Permaculture Day takes place on Sunday 2nd May 2021 (‘or thereabouts’). It is a day of celebration and for showcasing the work of permaculturists globally.

It is 24 hours of open homes, gardens and farms, films, community gardens, educational workshops, permablitzes and much more. It’s an opportunity to experience permaculture and meet its practitioners.

Now in its 12th year, International Permaculture Day has expanded beyond its Australian homeland to become a global day of permaculture celebrated in over 35 countries.

Learn more and add your event here:

Deadlines Permaculture No.109 EDITORIAL: 15 May 2021 DISPLAYS & CLASSIFIEDS:

15 May 2021 PUBLICATION: 31 July 2021

issue 108  summer 2021

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