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DIRK BRANDHERM Editorial v MARY CAHILL AND NORA WHITE A tale of two lost lunulae—one with its ogham story to tell 1 J. LL.W.WILLIAMS AND DAVID A. JENKINS A petrographic study of pottery from the Late Neolithic/Beaker settlement at Newgrange, 17 Co. Meath, Ireland VICTORIA GINN AND GILL PLUNKETT Filling the gaps: a chronology of Bronze Age settlement in Ireland 41 RENA MAGUIRE The Southern Cross: examining possible connections between the pre-Roman Iron Age 63 ‘Vale’ brooches of Britain and the Ballykean Type 1d Y-pieces RICHARD B.WARNER The Late Roman silver hoard from Ballinrees, Co. Derry: observations and implications 79 CLARE MULLINS An early medieval cemetery at Rogerstown, Co. Dublin 103 FINTAN WALSH A multivallate ringfort at Knockhouse Lower, Co.Waterford 119 BRITTANY NEBIOLINI Silver hoards and the economic interrelationship of Viking York and Dublin (800–1000) 139 PAUL LOGUE AND DÉAGLÁN Ó DOIBHLIN Landscapes of hunting and assembly in the north of Ireland—three case-studies 159 FIONA BEGLANE AND JERRY O’SULLIVAN A vanishing medieval church site on Ireland’s Atlantic coast: a longitudinal study of coastal 177 erosion at Staad Abbey, Co. Sligo, 1837–2020 BOOK REVIEWS 191 New global perspectives on archaeological prospection: 13th International Conference on Archaeological Prospection,

28 August–1 September 2019, Sligo, Ireland, reviewed by Stephen Davis Archaeological spatial analysis: a methodological guide, reviewed by Will Megarry The Beaker phenomenon? Understanding the character and context of social practices in Ireland 2500–2000 BC, reviewed by Anna Brindley Economies of destruction: how the systematic destruction of valuables created value in Bronze Age Europe, c. 2300–500 BC,

reviewed by Dirk Brandherm Aspects of the Bronze Age in the Atlantic archipelago and beyond: proceedings from the Belfast Bronze Age Forum, 9–10

November 2013, reviewed by John Waddell Looting or missioning: Insular and Continental sacred objects in Viking Age contexts in Norway, reviewed by Cormac Bourke Early Irish sculpture and the art of the high crosses, reviewed by Patrick Gleeson Carrick, County Wexford: Ireland’s first Anglo-Norman stronghold, reviewed by Tom McNeill Arrogant trespass: Anglo-Norman Wexford, 1169–1400, reviewed by Clare Busher O’Sullivan Journeys of faith: stories of pilgrimage from medieval Ireland, reviewed by Patrick Gleeson

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