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Nine men lie prostrate in St Peter’s Basilica on Sunday before being ordained to the priesthood by Pope Francis 27


Christopher Howse’s Notebook ‘At four in the morning my street is quieter than Yuste … no nightingales, no frogs’ / 7

REGULARS Word from the Cloisters 15 Puzzles 15 Letters 16 The Living Spirit 17

CONTENTS 1 MAY 2021 // VOL 275 NO. 9400


4 / Dignity in dying

Two new books explore experiences of dying, and differing attitudes to those who help the dying on their way / BY MAGGIE FERGUSSON

6 / A slip in time?

The political ground beneath our feet is moving, and we may learn as soon as next week how far-reaching the changes are likely to be / BY JULIA LANGDON

8 / Journeying home

Why are increasing numbers choosing to walk along pilgrim paths to places whose history and very soil is soaked in religious faith? / BY PETER STANFORD

10 / An idealist in the White House Joe Biden leans heavily on a brand of Catholicism that disappoints some on both

Left and Right, inside and outside the Church / BY MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

12 / Child of a broken home Ireland was partitioned on 3 May 1921: a Belfast-born writer explains that it was not just the Catholic minority who felt abandoned and betrayed / BY PAUL McVEIGH

13 / ‘God is in every floating cloud’ The author of a new study of Mary Wollstonecraft says the religious element in her thinking has often been overlooked / BY SYLVANA TOMASELLI

14 / A virus in its own right Reports from the Church of England and the Jewish Board of Deputies have made recommendations to address racism / BY NINA MATTIELLO AZADEH


24 / The Church in the World / News briefing 25 / Hariri hits out at Aoun after meeting with Pope

27 / View from Rome 28 / News from Britain and Ireland / News briefing

29 / Gin fuels Church’s green energy drive



John Pollard To Kidnap a Pope: Napoleon and Pius VII AMBROGIO A. CAIANI Melanie McDonagh Chosen: Lost and Found Between Christianity and Judaism GILES FRASER Andrew Rosenheim Letters to Camondo EDMUND DE WAAL


Television Line of Duty MARK LAWSON Cinema Nomadland ISABELLE GREY Exhibition Making Paradise LAURA GASCOIGNE Radio Heart and Soul: Prince belong Va nu a t u D.J. TAYLOR

1 MAY 2021 | THE TABLET | 3

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