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LEADING IN THE POST-COVID WORLD Diamonds In The Rough: Spotting Opportuniy During a Crisis An exclusive interview with Cedar Rose Founder and Non-Executive Director Christina Massaad


Future-Proofing Payment Systems: The Silver Lining is in the Cloud Exclusive interview with Form3 Chief Customer Officer Jesscica Letternman


Global Economy Are Inflation Alarm Bells Ringing True? Graham Vanbergen


United Kingdom Will the Government continue its COVID support post-Budget? Nic Redfern


COVID-19 COVID-19 and Degrowth: A Momentum to Restructure the System Nur Dhani Hendranastiti


The Global Vaccine Race Against Time andVariants Dan Steinbock


Bitcoin Bitcoin – Huge Opportunity or Massive Bubble? Rainer Zitelmann


Strategy Subscription Pricing, An Antidote to A Low Growth Economy Ajit Ghuman


Fraud Taking Baby Steps to Tackle Fraud Philip Sinel


FDI Foreign Direct Investment – Trends and Developments in France, Germany and the United Kingdom Kurt Ma, Christian Sauer and Tonio Sadoni


Estonia A Burgeoning e-Empire: Estonia’s Blue Ocean Strategy regarding Digitalisation Michael E. Lambert


No Time for Hesitation: Estonian Digital Ambitions and Achievements in times of Coronavirus Viljar Veebel


Finland Happiness is a place between too little and too much Danny Dorling and Annika Koljonen


Media & Society Flawed human information processing, magic pipers and our conscience Bernard Yeung


Trade Trade Liberalisation, Comparative Advantage, and Economic Development: A Historical Perspective Kalim Siddiqui


Islamic Economy Islamic Economy Brand: Paving Indonesia’s Way to Become the Global Islamic Economy Hub Anya Safira and Fadhil Akbar Purnama

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empowering communication globally

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