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Alawiya Sobh

Azher Jirjees

Aida Fahmawi Watad

Fakhri Saleh

Ibrahim Nasrallah

10 Editorial 16 Ammar Almamoun reviews al-Nawm fi Haql al-

Karaz, a novel by Azher Jirjees 20 Azher Jirjees: Three excerpts from the novel al-

Nawm fi Haql al-Karaz (At Rest in the Cherry Orchard, translated by Jonathan Wright 38 Hassan Abdel Mawgoud: A Bicycle Brings an

Old Comrade, a short story, translated by Raphael Cohen 50 Katia al-Tawil reviews Lam yusalli ‘alaihum ahad

(No One Prayed Over Their Graves) by Khaled Khalifa 55 Khaled Khalifa: Excerpt from his novel Lam yusalli ‘alaihum ahad (No One Prayed Over Their Graves), translated by Leri Price 68 Interview with Lebanese writer Alawiya Sobh by Katia al-Tawil 78 Alawiya Sobh: Three chapters from her latest novel An Ta’ashaq al-Hayat (To Love Life), translated by Nancy Roberts SPECIAL FEATURE 100 MAHMOUD SHUKAIR, WRITING JERUSALEM 103 Mahmoud Shukair: Three short stories,

translated by Samira Kawar 121 Fakhri Saleh: On the Literary achievement of

Mahmoud Shukair 128 Aida Fahmawi Watad: Palestinian Writing, Inside a Closed-Open Cage

12 BANIPAL 70 – SPRING 2021

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