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58 49

48 The Adventures of Miss

Barbara Pym by Paula Byrne, reviewed by Helena Kelly 49 Katharine Parr, The Sixth

Wife by Alison Weir, reviewed by Linda Porter 50 The Last Country

Parson Remembering Henry

Thorold 100 years after his birth Michael Hodges 53 Jordan Peterson Why Catholics should care about him Niall Gooch 54 A passion for reading Finding religion in books without it Alexandra DeSanctis

Life & Soul Pilgrimage

56 May Diary William Cash 57 The Garden Hail Mary, Queen of May

Charlie Hart 58 Pointed Arch The churches chewed up

& Travel

68 The way to Walsingham An Easter visit to the Holy

Shrine in Norfolk William Cash 73 On Pilgrimage with Tracy Borman by Vatican II Michael Hodges 60 A curious faith Prince Philip’s tussle with religion Philip Eade 65 Obituaries Hans Küng

The oddity of the Duke’s funeral service was Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, praying for the souls of the deceased – implying a belief in the doctrine of purgatory


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