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VOL.18  NO.7





Blackpink Conquers the World

When the young women of K-pop group were recruited as young girls to train as singers, neither they nor the company they work for had any idea that their style of music, then sung exclusively in Korean, would become a global phenomenon. Now, Blackpink is a global force. BY MICHAEL STEWART


26  UNLOCKING DIMINISHED CHORDS The sound of diminished chords has been described as having a mysterious quality. They can also add musical tension to a piece and create a feeling of movement and transition. BY NICK MILLEVOI

36  GO TEAM! At a certain level, success in today’s music industry “takes a village” – a team of specialists who can advise, promote and open doors. Magnolia Boulevard now has one, but their journey to and with them has been unique. BY PAUL IRWIN

40  LEARNING TO PLAY PHOEBE BRIDGERS’ “KYOTO” We’ve followed Phoebe Bridgers’ breakout and recommended her music from time to time. We now break down her recent hit and discover how developing ensembles can include it in their repertoires. BY WILSON WARDELL


4  FROM THE EDITOR 7  MUSIC NEWS AND MEDIA There may not be much marching going on today, but DCI and its consortium is showing how you can “Be Band Ready” for this summer and fall, Idyllwild Arts scores at the ISC, the Rock & Roll Chorus rocks on, Focusrite-Novation gifts 100 Launchpad controllers, and more. 14  FRONTRUNNER Kali Uchis, Lucky Daye, Noah Schnacky, Camilo, Mehani Teave, the In Tune Listening List and The Worldwide Countdown 16  ICON Johnny Pacheco 18  THE WRITE STUFF Collaboration Nation 20  PLAYERS “Captain” Kirk Douglas 22  INFLUENCES From Nick Jonas to The Isley Brothers 44  WHAT DO YOU DO Courtney Blankenship, Director of Music Business, Associate Professor Western Illinois University, School of Music 46  CLASSIC ALBUM COVERS Genesis’ Abacab Released in 1981, it marked the band’s development from their progressive roots into more accessible and pop-oriented songs

Vol. 18, No.7  In Tune Monthly


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