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6 The Humanoid Stain

Art lessons from our cave-dwelling ancestors Barbara Ehrenreich 48 Stammer Time

Stutterers reach beyond the medical model of disability Barry Yeoman 58 Cyberpunk is Dead

At the inglorious end of a once-promising genre John Semley

68 Cancer Culture

Hope is a thing with profits Anya Ventura 108 Hot and Scared

How one gay porn studio keeps its workers perpetually on the clock Jeffrey Arlo Brown 124 Abolishing the Prison of the Dead How New York City’s potter’s field acquired its mythos—and how we can break it down Kristen Martin

Reproductive Slights

24 The Sexual Risk

Avoidance Regime On fertility-tracking apps and the return of abstinence education Lucy Ives

36 The Future is Menopausal

Post-reproductive women and the new feminism Ann Neumann

The Culture Trust

80 R.I.P., Kill Your TV

Thinking outside the idiot box Alexander Zaitchik

96 Sofar, So Bad

A global startup aims to kill the DIY music scene Liz Pelly



16 Sinclair Stole My Stash

A right-wing media mogul cashes in on weed legalization Baynard Woods

116 America's Legion

The soldiers and veterans on the front lines of risky psychopharmaceutical treatment Jasper Craven

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