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6 Call Of the Cops

The push to decriminalize sex work in New York Emma Whitford

74 The Prisoner Dilemma

Texas fails to confront mass incarceration Marie Gottschalk

22 Plight of the Squeegee Kids

How Baltimore’s youth became pawns in a racist culture war Kaila Philo

40 Foucault in the Valley of Death

The philosopher found bliss in a desert drug trip—his friend was ostracized for life Andrew Marzoni

86 The Women Who Knew

Too Much Horror cinema punishes its inquisitive black female characters Niela Orr

104 Afraid of the Dark

Three new books delve into the recesses of the market George Scialabba

56 Locked Up

Why the movement for criminal justice is stalled John F. Pfaf

112 How to Win a Drug War

The neoliberal-neoconservative victory in Colombia Steven D. Cohen



14 Exterminating Angels

The American myth of the progressive prosecutor Ross Barkan

32 Culture Worriers

The libertarian struggle to understand contemporary art Rachel Wetzler

94 Border Profiteers

A visit to America’s leading trade show for state violence Brendan O’Connor

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