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6 Teenage Pricks

Trumpism’s brand of boy power Alex Pareene

22 Empire’s Children

What’s behind the American cult of eternal adolescence

Tom Carson

34 In the Era of Teen$ploitation

Our capitalist media culture of youth without youth Liz Pelly

44 The Magic Kingdom

The dark side of the Disney dream Sarah Marshall

96 Class Warfare

What the cottage industry of admissions consultants tells us about American higher education Owen Davis

108 The Protest Club

Teen activists face down the pressures of social media stardom Britta Lokting

118 Enter the Supersensorium

The neuroscientif c case for Art in the age of Netf ix Erik Hoel

The Culture Trust

70 Mother Courage

A masterful chronicle of German émigrés in Manhattan in 1968

Rod Davis

80 Lost in the Fatherland

Dostoevsky’s Russia as curiously modern after-school special Frank Guan



16 Girl, Uninterrupted

Gen X teendom at the end of history Miya Tokumitsu

64 Heaven Can’t Wait

An unholy survey of Christian cinema J.W. McCormack

90 Checkers and Wreckers at the Daytona 500 NASCAR’s last-ditch bid to outpace its troubled past Bryan Armen Graham

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