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6 A Mess on the Sidewalk

Inside the great digital mis-engineering of the Toronto waterfront John Lorinc

24 Orphans of Dickens

The social novel at the end of society Lucy Ives

36 An American Tale

How Cold War of cialdom made the world safe for propaganda Kristen Ghodsee

60 I Saw Satan

Breaking away from a Boomer Christian cult Andrew Marzoni

78 A Dif erent Class

How autocrats get away with posing as authentocrats Joe Kennedy

92 The Century of Spin

In the formative days of public relations, elites imagined a “guided democracy” Liz Franczak

106 Beggar’s Opera

Monitoring the decline of democracy from the telemarketing trenches Matt Hanson

124 Critique of Pure Niceness

The trouble with the civility fetish Tom Whyman


18 Believe in Something

Corporate wokeness is now big business Yasmin Nair

52 The Innovator’s Agenda

How the busiest of buzzwords was enlisted in the capitalist cause John Patrick Leary

116 Empire of the Census

America’s long history of manipulating its headcount for political gain Ed Burmila


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