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8 Corruptions of Empire

Getting over the indispensable-nation complex Suzy Hansen 18 Virtuous Reality

The politics of character in a post-liberal age Robert Westbrook 36 Rights Make Might

The dystopian undertow of Hillary Clinton’s elite feminism Yasmin Nair 50 Trumped and Abandoned

The angry white male in the political wilderness Susan Faludi 58 The Other Buffett Rule

Or why better billionaires will never save us Alex Cuadros 70 Explanation for What?’s capture of the know-it-all demographic David V. Johnson

90 Big Bother Is Watching

Why Slack is designed to never give you any Jacob Silverman 108 Power Outages

The old-new politics of black protest Gene Seymour 122 Making COIN

The Pentagon’s hearts-and-minds racketeers Tim Shorrock 148 Called to Purchase

How mayor Stephen Reed shopped Harrisburg, PA, straight to hell David Gambacorta 160 Fables of Our Fathers

Flogging the “Greatest Generation” Tom Carson 170 Fifty Years of Disquietude

On Gabriel García Márquez’s tour as an accidental propagandist Joel Whitney



6 Maiden America

Jessa Crispin 86 Baristas of the Brave

New Data State Aaron Miguel Cantú

102 Off Our Butts

How smoking bans extinguish solidarity June Thunderstorm 138 Thin Skins and Missing Parents

Dispatches from the therapeutic front of the PC wars Gary Greenberg

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