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6 Inauguration of the

Trumpian Beauty Contest The ends of a representative republic Jay Baron Nicorvo 16 The Revolution

Will Not Be Curated Making sense of curatolatry Thomas Frank 24 Psephology in Free Fall

Or why the polls tell you nothing you actually need to know Sam Kriss 34 The Hamilton Hustle

Why liberals have embraced our most dangerously reactionary founder Matt Stoller 52 Outsmarted

On the liberal cult of the cognitive elite Rick Perlstein 66 The Wrongest Profession

How economists have botched the promise of widely distributed prosperity—and why they have no intention of stopping now Dean Baker

76 From Russia, with Panic

Cozy bears, unsourced hacks— and a Silicon Valley shakedown Yasha Levine 92 The God in the Machine

It’s puppets vs. robots Tom Whyman 102 On Native Grounds

Standing Rock’s new spirit of protest Alexander Zaitchik 126 Trials and Errors

Inside the great forensic-science boondoggle Brandon L. Garrett 146 The Emperor’s New Corsets

The story behind a voyeuristic cult of prep-school self-improvement Carey Dunne

174 Against Everything

On Ivan Illich, scourge of the professions George Scialabba



44 Enemies of the People

How hatred of the masses bridges our partisan divide Angela Nagle 118 Strangers in a Cruel Land

The wretched state of immigration enforcement Matt Cameron

160 Digging Matriarchy

A case for female supremacy Lucy Ellmann

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