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6 Hidden Fighters

Remembering America’s black antifascist vanguard Molly Crabapple

16 The Art of the Real

Disinformation vs. democracy Katherine Cross

28 What We Do Is Secret

Trumpism as a private-capital scam Adele M. Stan 40 Race to the Bottom

How the post-racial revolution became a whitewash Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw

66 Abortive Reasoning

What’s wrong with the reproductive rights debate Yasmin Nair and Eugenia Williamson

80 California Über Alles

How the resistance is leaving its heart on the Left Coast Ann Friedman

88 Why Work?

Breaking the spell of the Protestant ethic

James Livingston 100 Did the Fun Work?

Relaxation as Fitbit app Miya Tokumitsu 108 Creative Alibis

Richard Florida and the ruse of the “creative class”

Daniel Brook 134 The Wrong Stuf

Hero worship in late-capitalist Hollywood

Tom Carson

144 You Gotta Serve Somebody

The Christian right’s Machiavellian morals

Dave Denison

164 People Like That

The evolution of Dawn Powell’s American satire

Ben Schwartz

172 Death Trips

Accessorizing the f nal exit lane Ann Neumann



58 All Worked Up and Nowhere to Go The ever more futile politics of left protest Amber A’Lee Frost

118 Childhood’s End

Which Disney princess is Neil Postman? Natasha Vargas-Cooper 158 No Prophets, No Honor

On the declining vocation of the social critic Tom Whyman

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