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12 Patriarchy Def ated

The #MeToo movement is making male power look silly Barbara Ehrenreich

16 River of No Return

A chronicle of the swiftboating of everything Jason Linkins

36 Dispatches from the

American Gray Zone Cultural denial in an era of global civil war Jonathon Sturgeon

56 Manufacturing Consent

Why is it so dif cult to wage a legal campaign against sexual harassment? Robin West

104 Send Anarchists, Guns, and Money

Cody Wilson arrives at a place where left, right—and democracy—disappear Jacob Siegel

126 The Screwer and the Screwed

Helen DeWitt’s sometimes f ctional quests for a crap-free deal Lauren Oyler

Working Theory

82 Exalted Slogans

The curse of radical academic discourse Yasmin Nair

94 After the Afterlife of Theory

The remains of a discourse, from the liberal academy to the authoritarian right Lucy Ives



6 War Games

The cozy relationship between perpetual war and total entertainment Scott Beauchamp

48 The Culture Wars are Dead

Long live the culture wars! Andrew Hartman

118 The People Who Stole the World

The lure of the generational blame game Maximillian Alvarez

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