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6 Tell Me It’s Going to be OK

Self-care and social retreat under neoliberalism Miya Tokumitsu

20 The Promise of Misery

Communal revenge against the apostles of positivity Becca Rothfeld

42 Beyond Goop and Evil

The curious feminist logic of Gwyneth Paltrow’s self-care empire Jessa Crispin

84 Bridges to Nowhere

On liberal dreams of a more imperfect union Nathaniel Friedman

98 Game Theories

How your X-Box may be creating art J.C. Hallman

116 Tripped Up

The acid-washing of American capitalism Rebekah Frumkin

126 Demons of Disaster

Why the foreign-aid world attracts sexual abusers Raf a Zakaria

Case Histories

50 The Trouble With Uplift

How black politics succumbed to the siren song of the racial voice Adolph Reed

68 Diversity for What?

The political and experiential limits of a liberal shibboleth Russell Jacoby



12 America and Its Discontents

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of common unhappiness Gary Greenberg

30 Hitler ENTJ

Personality typing the most dangerous man in the world Merve Emre

78 Storified

The literary turn in American corporate mythology Jessica Loudis

110 Habitual User

Tweeting on the verge of a nervous breakdown Lauren Oyler

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