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Editor’s Note

6 The People, No

Thomas Frank


10 The Populist Morass

Why liberal policy savants deplore rule by the people Chris Lehmann

78 Mayberry Machiavelli

The self-congratulatory legacies of A Face in the Crowd Tom Carson

36 A Conspiracy So Dense

The dubious half-life of Richard Hofstadter’s “paranoid style” Kathryn Olmsted

54 Sorry to Bother You

A political culture shifts Liza Featherstone

64 American Ghostwriter

My adventures among the memoir-happy one percent Sean Patrick Cooper

88 The Tupperware Party

The errant politics of Pink Wave fundraising Anne Elizabeth Moore

106 The Year the Clock Broke

How the world we live in already happened in 1992 John Ganz



28 I’m Feeling Bad About America

The sick history of the U.S. campaign song J.W. McCormack

46 Party Monsters

Punch-drunk critics in the era of Peak TV Kyle Paoletta

74 The Duckie and the Anal Plug

A global tour of contemporary public art Jennifer Piejko

128 If You’ve Got the Money

Country music sells its soul Chris Reitz

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