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Sex, lies and ugly housemaids It’s soap opera stuff in Maxi Lopez’s world as his dancing queen WAG goes loco on Argentine TV




Given some footballers’ penchant for promiscuity, a WAG would be forgiven for considering surveillance measures to monitor their other half’s every move. Enter Wanda Nara, model and wife of Catania forward Maxi Lopez.

A contestant on Bailando por un Sueno (the Argentine Strictly Come Dancing), which also includes Mike Tyson and featured Ronaldinho as a guest star on May’s opening night, Nara opened her heart. “I’ve sent Dorothy, an old woman who’s dedicated to doing this sort of thing, to follow Maxi in Italy. It’s come to my attention that girls watch training and then pursue the footballers,” she wailed to a nation. “But up until now, he’s behaving himself.”

The 24-year-old had good reason to be watchful of her pin-up husband. Last November, Lopez was eventually cleared of making “lewd advances” towards a housemaid, but that didn’t stop his ex Evangelina Anderson stirring the pot. “Any maid I allow into my house must know how to clean, how to iron, and be grossly ugly,” crowed the voluptuous model. “There are pretty and ugly maids in this world – and women with footballers must always hire ugly.”

A few weeks later, Lopez’s wife denied “terrible lies” claiming she was having an affair with Maxi’s team-mate Ciro Capuano. “I reject it,” she harrumphed. “Maxi gets jealous so this story is very bad. We must be

Dorothy’s been hiding in all sorts of places to keep tabs on the striker left in peace.” Her husband was slightly less patient with the paparazzi. “I don’t give a f*** what people do for work, but they must respect me,” thundered the ex-Barcelona striker.

Problems in the bedroom began to surface in February 2010 after the birth of the couple’s first child, Valentino. “Before, Maxi would do me in the bath,

Wanda struts her stuff

7,000 miles away the living room, the kitchen,” panted the Argentine beauty. “Now we have to wait for the child to sleep. But life is about sacrifice, so I don’t complain.”

Like many a celebrity love story, though, there’s a happy ending. Nearly a month after announcing the hiring of intrepid sleuth Dorothy, Nara revealed she was pregnant with the couple’s third child. “But it’s not for that reason that I’m leaving Bailando,” she declared after her final dance for the TV cameras before returning to Italy, and her husband. “It’s because Maxi is far away. He was going to find out [about the pregnancy] at some point and it’s better that he knows from this show, where everybody loves me.”

Her replacement? Little sister and fellow model, Zaira, fresh from her break-up with ex-fiancé Diego Forlan. Wanda can keep a closer eye on her husband and Zaira can watch Mike Tyson dancing. Win, win.



Suwon Samsung Bluewings, South Korea

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The wings

As a club source explains, the wings show that the Bluewings “will rise to the top and emerge victorious by speedy and dynamic game plays”. Those are some very specific wings. Perhaps they should also embody the club spreading its wings to be the K-League’s first team founded in a specific city, rather than a province.

The colours inson




This blue represents “clear sky, hope, dreams, vision and the future”. But for some reason, club experts are quiet on the red front. The colour symbolises prosperity and happiness in Korea, but until somebody confirms this was the Bluewings’ reason for the red we’ll just assume they took inspiration from the French.

The stars

As with several football clubs and a smattering of primary school teachers, the Bluewings reward success with a gold star. In this case, each star represents one of their four K-League titles. This is commendable in theory but not as a long-term strategy: imagine if Glasgow Rangers tried this with their 54 Scottish titles...

The castle walls

Hwaseong Fortress, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a wall surrounding central Suwon, built in the 18th century by King Jeongjo. Why? To honour and house the remains of his father, Prince Sado, buried alive in a rice chest by his father, King Yeongjo, after refusing to commit suicide. But you already knew that.

Germany Werder Bremen have banned their players from getting tattoos, fearing injury after Hamburg’s Eljero Elia was laid low last year with an infection after getting inked October 2011 121

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