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Inside The Wire 332 | October 2011

Christian Marclay photographed by Leon Chew

The Masthead 4

Reviews Index 49

Letters 6

Bitstream 8 News and more from under the radar

Trip Or Squeek 9 Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil

Bites 10 Faster Than Sound in Suffolk, Awesome Tapes For Africa’s new reissue label, MSPS New Music Festival in Shreveport, Camping in Bologna, plus Unofficial Channels

Charts 48

Out There 89 Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

Subscriptions 96

Below The Radar + The Wire Tapper 97 Free downloads and CDs

Soundcheck 50 This month’s selected CDs, vinyl and downloads, including Rustie, Billy Bang’s Survival Department and Fac Dance. Plus specialist columns, unusual formats and reissues

The Inner Sleeve 70 Ultra Excema’s Dennis Tyfus on Peter Fengler’s Gold Dust

Print Run 71 New music books: the poetry of Sun Ra, Owen Hatherley on Pulp, essays on Brazilian music and society, the life of Brother Claude Ely, Brandon LaBelle’s journal of architecture and sound

On Screen 74 Films & DVDs: Ravi Shankar and a personal history of London pirate radio on DVD

On Site 75 Exhibitions, installations, etc: David Askevold in London

On Location 76 Festival and concert reviews: Fete Quaqua in London, Supernormal in Oxfordshire, We Can Elude Control in London, Sir Richard Bishop + Gerritt Wittmer & Paul Knowles in Berkeley

Collateral Damage 14 Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner celebrates social networking for pleasure and profit

Cross Platform Ed Atkins 16 The British artist generates emotional and perceptual discomfort in his out of sync films. By Patrick Ward

Global Ear Portmore 18 Sun Araw’s Cameron Stallones on a Jamaican recording trip with dub legends The Congos

Shabaka Hutchings 20 The versatile London reedsman connects the dots betwen Cecil Taylor and Schoenberg. By Clive Bell

Raime 21 Mark Fisher talks dystopian dubstep and the 1980s interzone with the Berkshire electronic duo

Invisible Jukebox Chris & Cosey 22 The former TG stalwarts and Techno duo oscillate wildly to The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Mike Barnes

Hieroglyphic Being 26 Feeding off Sun Ra’s cosmic emanations and magic numbers, Chicago’s Jamal Moss infuses Afro-futurist House with Nubian soul. By Robin Howells

Bill Orcutt 30 After leaving foul-mouthed hardcore group Harry Pussy, the American guitarist reinvented himself as a blues mangler par excellence. By David Keenan

The Primer Militant tuning 34 A field guide to the war on equal temperament, from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier to La Monte Young’s Well-Tuned Piano. By Philip Clark

Christian Marclay 40 David Toop meets the Swiss-American champion of the Venice Biennale to discuss DJing, video editing, downtown adventures and radical scores

Epiphanies 98 Performance artist Anat Ben-David praises the transformative experience of improvisation