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Notes 1. Mathew Nuqingaq: Masquerade, 13 June – 13 July 2019,

Feheley Fine Arts, 65 George Street, Ontario, M5A4L8, Canada. 2. Jean Paul Sartre, ‘Faces’, Essays in Phenomenology, quoted in ‘An interview with Lena Herzog’, Believer Magazine 81, 2001. 3. Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams, Chapter five, ‘Migration: The

Corridors of Breath’, Scribner: New York, 1986. 4. “The Atlas is one of the outcomes of the project ‘The

Northwest Passage and the construction of Inuit pan-Arctic identities’ (funded by SSHRC—the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council), and co-directed by Claudio Aporta (Marine Affairs Program, Dalhousie University), Michael Bravo (Geography, University of Cambridge), and Fraser Taylor (Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, Carleton University). This project looks at Inuit occupancy of the Northwest Passage, through a study and documentation of Inuit traditional trails and place names, which have interconnected Inuit groups across the Arctic since time immemorial.” 5. Rasmussen, trans. Tom Lowenstein, Eskimo Poems, Allison

& Busby: London, 1973, p. 109. 6. Lowenstein, Eskimo Poems, p. xxii. 7. John Berger, ‘Self Portrait’, Confabulations, p.4. Penguin:

London, 2016.


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