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Contents Ukraine’s unfinished story

7 Nowhere to hurry?

infrastructure, is extremely important in the strategic economic and energy security contexts of life in Europe.

Victoria Guerra The low rates of immunisation against COVID-19 in Ukraine can be explained by certain errors in the organisation of the process and the chaos on the ground. However, the main problem remains a lack of vaccine supplies.

47 Odesa’s growing mismanagement

Maxym Przybyszewski

Opinion and Analysis

62 How should the EU deal with Russia

14 Uncovering the paradoxes of values in Ukrainian Society Anna Osypchuk This past February was seven years since the climax of the Maidan and the sniper shootings. From today’s perspective those events are intrinsically connected to the attempted annexation of Crimea by Russia and its aggression in eastern Ukraine.

after Navalny’s poisoning? Alexandra Dienes Steps towards the managing the European Union’s relations with Russia needs a long-term perspective and a corresponding political dynamic that requires audacity.

69 Streamlining soft power

Miłosz J. Zieliński

19 Invisible no more

Guillaume Ptak Over the past seven years the number of servicewomen in the Ukrainian armed forces has more than doubled.

24 The minister of everything

Kateryna Pryshchepa Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s minister of internal affairs, is the longest serving minister in the country’s history.

31 The silent Russian colonisation of Crimea Olena Yermakova

36 Ukraine’s public diplomacy enters a new phase Nadiia Bureiko

42 Nord Stream 2. Strictly business or wider threat? Mykola Voytiv The role of the Ukrainian system, in the functioning of the pan-European gas transit

75 Hungary’s friends in need

Dominik Héjj

82 Crisis like a dream

Wojciech Wojtasiewicz Georgia has been trapped in a political, economic and social black hole. It is affected by crisis after crisis.

90 A fortress of human rights

Adam Chmielewski Europe will either be united or not. It cannot be ruled out that an unforeseen event may lead to the disintegration of the EU. But it can also not be ruled out that an unforeseen event will cement it.


101 Turkey’s original sin

A conversation with Candan Badem

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