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24 Anthony David

Connections: A Story of Human Feeling Karl Deisseroth biography & memoir 25 Daniel Swift

The Poets of Rapallo: How Mussolini’s Italy Shaped British, Irish, & US Writers Lauren Arrington 26 David Gelber

Holland Blind Twilight John Martin Robinson 27 Bernard O’Donoghue

Simple Annals: A Memoir of Early Childhood Roy Watkins 28 Suzi Feay

You are Beautiful and You are Alone: The Biography of Nico Jennifer Otter Bickerdike 30 Thomas W Hodgkinson

A Very Nice Rejection Letter: Diary of a Novelist Chris Paling 31 Rupert Christiansen

Arthur Sullivan: A Life of Divine Emollient Ian Bradley cinema 32 Peter Conrad

Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story Laura Fairrie (dir)

the state we’re in 34 Michael Burleigh

Fallen Idols: Twelve Statues That Made History Alex von Tunzelmann 35 Michael Javen Fortner

America on Fire: The Untold History of Police Violence & Black Rebellion Since the 1960s Elizabeth Hinton 37 Vicky Pryce

The Authority Gap: Why Women are Still Taken Less Seriously Than Men, & What We Can Do About It Mary Ann Sieghart 38 Ian Fraser

The Key Man: How the Global Elite was Duped by a Capitalist Fairy Tale Simon Clark & Will Louch notebook 40 Carole Angier Writing W G Sebald’s biography general 42 Patricia Fara

About Time: A History of Civilization in Twelve Clocks David Rooney 43 Tim Hornyak

The New Breed: How to Think About Robots Kate Darling

44 Daisy Dunn

Writing in the Dark: Bloomsbury, the Blitz & Horizon Magazine Will Loxley 45 Michael Smith

Long Players: Writers on the Albums that Shaped Them Tom Gatti (ed) 46 Nigel Andrew

The Sea is Not Made of Water: Life Between the Tides Adam Nicolson 47 Simon Heffer

Bretons and Britons: The Fight for Identity Barry Cunliffe 48 Malcolm Murfett

Why War? Christopher Coker fiction 50 Anthony Cummins

Batlava Lake Adam Mars-Jones 51 Paul Bailey

Nostalgia Mircea Cărtărescu 52 Laurel Berger

At Night All Blood is Black David Diop 53 David Isaacs

The Netanyahus Joshua Cohen 54 David Annand

Panenka Rónán Hession 55 Michael Eaude

Yesterday Juan Emar 56 Laura Hackett

Interviews with an Ape Felice Fallon fiction in brief 57 Nightbitch Rachel Yoder • Three Rooms Jo Hamya •

Hummingbird Salamander Jeff VanderMeer • The Coward Jarred McGinnis crime 58 Natasha Cooper silenced voices 60 Lucy Popescu on Nedim Türfent & Osman Kavala bookends 64 Angus Gowland on The Anatomy of Melancholy competition 23 Fergus Butler-Gallie sets a new monthly competition

59 LR Bookshop 39 Letters 12 Crossword july 2021 | Literary Review 3

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