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‘OK, now is the time to execute it.’,” he explains. “It’s a sci-fi musical shot entirely in Rwanda with an entirely Rwandan and Burundian cast and crew – boom!” Concocted with Williams’ wife, Rwandan actress and director Anisia Uzeyman, the pair have been filming since the tail end of 2019, only narrowly avoiding being stranded there due to COVID-19. “This is all of my loves in one place; my love of music and composition, my love of language and word, my love of performance, my love of images – it’s jam-packed with what I am most excited about sharing,” he muses. Now laser-focused on post-production intricacies – the last year of lockdowns an unexpected motivator – he understandably made time last summer to connect and collaborate with Louis Vuitton’s menswear designer Virgil Abloh on his AW21 collection, the pair discuss in conversation overleaf.

“It’s been nice to have all these separate avenues, it was very strategic. It felt necessary to establish early on, the possibility of going into all these realms,” he muses. “Now, the payoff is in allowing these worlds to merge and feelings as if all of these doors are open. That is indeed necessary for growth, progression, and creative ventilation.”

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