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i Leading article

How to win the next election iv Brown Study

The Farnham variant Neil Brown v Euro notes

Europe’s rightward drift Mark Higgie vi The Big Bill Chill

On vaccines, variants and ivermectin Rebecca Weisser vii Don’t sacrifice children to the

Covid gods Pushing vaccines on the young is obscene Ramesh Thakur viii Business/Robbery etc.

Big four banks don’t dig coal Michael Baume ix Treasury’s absurd

Intergenerational Report File it under futuristic fiction Judith Sloan x Grooming junior jihadists

Hamas prepares the next generation of terrorists David Adler xi Xi bites off more than he can Zhou Will China gobble up Taiwan? Daryl McCann xii Australian notes

Talkers vs doers Cian Hussey

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Live by the board, p41


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary Why I left Mumford & Sons

Winston Marshall 6 Politics What price freedom?

James Forsyth 7 Rod Liddle Me, myself and I 12 Barometer Face masks, penalty points and ballpark figures 11 Douglas Murray

The confusing case of Oli London 18 Ancient and modern

Diana’s strange monument 15 Mary Wakefield

The bogus business of stigma-busting 23 Any other business

Why shouldn’t the City pick an Irish Lord Mayor? Martin Vander Weyer

Spectator Australia letters to the editor and

Korea move, p20

8 Fellow travellers

Cambridge has been compromised by China Ian Williams 10 Secret weapon

What’s behind Cambridge’s anonymous reporting system? David Abulafia 12 Breaking faith

Is this the last chance to save the Church of England? Marcus Walker 14 Butt of the joke

Streaking is a great British tradition Poppy Royds 16 After the end of history

A conversation between Tom Holland and Francis Fukuyama 19 Westminster notebook

The Prince Harryfication of Boris Johnson Petronella Wyatt 20 Lil’ Kim

What’s up with Kim Jong-un? Andrei Lankov 22 Stitched up

A Royal Academy witch-hunt Jess De Wahls

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