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Bad nurses, p19


3 Leading article 7 Portrait of the Week 9 Diary Andrew Roberts 17 Rod Liddle 18 Barometer 20 James Delingpole 26 Hugo Rifkind 28 Letters 30 Any other business Martin Vander Weyer

Charles Moore is away.

A voyage round my father, p42

10 The guilty men The great euro scandal

Peter Oborne 12 The euro’s first victim On the Spectator interview which cost Nicholas Ridley his job Dominic Lawson 14 Last of the Blairites An interview with Jim Murphy

James Forsyth 18 Classic comeback The Latin and Greek revival

Peter Jones 19 Institutionalised brutality Eastern European nurses are scary

Carol Sarler 22 Slovenia notebook Barry Humphries 24 In praise of the shura Lessons from Afghanistan

William Beharrell


Books 34 Tom Stacey Explorers of the Nile,

by Tim Jeal 36 Lloyd Evans A Walk-on Part, by

Chris Mullen; The Importance of Being Awkward, by Tam Dalyell 37 Hugh Cecil NowAll Roads Lead to

France,by Matthew Hollis 38 William Leith The Genius in My

Basement, by Alexander Masters 39 Judith Flanders Girl in a Green

Gown, by Carola Hicks 41 Peter Oborne Why Leaders Lie,

by John Mearsheimer 42 Philip Ziegler A Daughter’s Tale,

by Mary Soames 43 Andrew Taylor on recent crime fiction Bookends Lewis Jones

FINE Arts SPECIAL 44 Andrew Lambirth Dennis Creffield: an appreciation

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