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10 In the public interest Reforming the media after the phone hacking scandal: a Red Pepper roundtable

14 Manchester’s alternative press

The Manchester Mule collective

17 Unfair cops After phone hacking and

Mark Duggan, Val Swain asks ‘who will police the police?’

24 After the anger Glenn Jenkins tells Donald

Morrison how Marsh Farm estate in Luton got organised after riots there A better way Richard Goulding reports on the community’s response in Salford

27 Legal looting Tax justice expert Richard

Murphy investigates a deal with Swiss bankers to protect tax evaders

50 Dale Farm Pictures of a fight not just for land but for a community

30 Refounding the politics of labour ilary Wainwright urges Ed Miliband to embrace a newly political trade unionism

34 What the frack? Philip Mitchell on how ‘fracking’

may have brought earthquakes to Blackpool

Toxic Trinity by Tom Lynton





...they're all in it together

36 Cuba and the ‘updating of socialism’

Stephen Wilkinson asks what transforming Cuba’s economy will mean. Sandra Lewis responds

39 Chile’s winter awakening oberto Navarrete sets Chile’s student revolt in context

42 An Israeli spring? Miri Weingarten asks if

Israel’s surge of social activism heralds a new dawn

46 Europe: Food for thought an Iles hears from food sovereignty activists from across Europe

20 Oligarchy of the unelected David Beetham examines the growing dominance of unaccountable corporate and financial interests red pepper oct | nov 2011