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‘Spinning the Compass’, in Artists Laboratory: Stephen

Chambers, The Big Country (London: Royal Academy, 2012) pp.6–17 ‘Thurnauer: vt et vi, peindre a la deuxieme personne’, in Agnès

Thurnauer, Now When Then (Lyon : Fage editions, 2014) pp.10–13 ‘Art & Language: Feasibility Study For A Large Object

Across Art History’, in Art & Language, Made in Zurich: Selected Editions 1965–1972 (Zurich: Galerie Bernard Jordan, 2014) pp.9–15 ‘The Awakener’, in Koen Vanmechelen, Awakener / Lifebank

(Hasselt: Open University of Diversity, 2015) pp.62–69 ‘Maintaining Transmission’, in John Gibbons, The Messengers

(Dublin: Hillsboro Fine Art, 2017) pp.3–9 ‘An Island Romance’, in Stephen Chambers, The Court of

Redonda (Venice: Ca’Dandolo, 2017) pp. 27–31 ISBN 9781-911247-06-7 ‘Let There Be Lucy’, in Koen Vanmechelen, It’s About Time

(ed. Timo Valjakka), (Helsinki: Parvs, 2018) ‘Implicated in History’, in Art & Language, Devinera Qui

Pourra (Figure It Out Who Can) (Michael Janssen: Berlin 2019) no page numbers. ‘Butterfly Affect’, in Damien Hirst, Mandalas (London:

White Cube, 2019) pp.4–8


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