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The Main Stories 76 T h e Enterta i ne r s : Red H o t Chili Peppers Whether clowning about or taking themselves very seriously indeed, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have played countless personas - socks on cocks, light bulbs on heads, discovering themselves in deserts. But they'll always have California.

88 A S t o rm in Heaven: Vir t ua l Worlds From Eden to Oz, mankind has long tried to create its own paradise. Now, every w e e k , 2 7 m i l l i o n o f u s v i s i t a n d l i v e o u t o u r l i v e s i n o n l i n e U t o p i a s - b u t h u m a n desires and weaknesses are forcing these virtual worlds to start getting real.

90 I n d e p e n d e n t Spirit: Sundance Festival Twenty-five years ago, Robert Redford founded the Sundance Insti t u t e to promote the best of independent cinema. Dazed was there to bring you this unique portfolio of the hottest stars of the screen in the coming year.

102 Chip Chop: H o t Ch i p Who you calling laid-back? This London-based five-piece are the smartest funked-up electronic R&B-dance-pop outfit on the scene today.


The Fashion 106 Forever i n Blue J eans

Photography KT AULETA Womenswear Styling SARAH COBB Menswear Styling BRYAN MCMAHON

120 Solitary M a n Photography ROGER DECKKER


132 Cher r y Cher r y Photography MARIANO VIVANCO


144 Prada Photography ANDRE WOLFF Styling JOANNA SCHLENZKA