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July 2021 n Volume 11 Issue 7

n What better ways to celebrate a 10th birthday issue than with a great day out at Wembley, World Cup confirmation and big crowds.

To have reached ten years of residence at Forty20 Towers i s something of which we are hugely proud. A massive thank you to our loyal readers, commercial partners (Betfred particularly), Acorn printers and, of course, our exceptional contributors and columnists.

It’s just so heartening to know that the desire to preserve the printed word is shared by so many – here’s to the next ten. Cheers!

n York, Featherstone, Castleford and St Helens – thank you for such a memorable cup final day at our redeemed national stadium. It was a massive fillip for the sport in the UK and so desperately needed.

Indicative too of incredible sacrifices the players, especially, have made to keep league going. Not only did it gather magnificent newspaper coverage, it led the ITN evening news, BBC TV headlines and trended on Twitter.

In stifling heat, the courage and skill on show was an enormous credit to the players and the sport. It’s why they deserve better.

Similarly, the leadership of those in charge of RLWC2021, Jon Dutton and IRL chair Troy Grant in particular, is an indication of selfconfidence and calculated risktaking so lacking in other areas.

They may well be trying to force the hand of those who don’t yet want to give formal backing, understandably perhaps given the lockdown situation in their own country, but they are dictating the situation, not allowing it to drift.

It was so refreshing in the aftermath to hear likely Kangaroos captain James Tedesco come out publicly and say he wants to play for Australia and really hopes the tournament goes ahead.

Sadly, those such as Souths CEO Blake Solly and Warriors head

Global confirmation: RLWC2021 chief Jon Dutton and Prime Minister Boris Johnson lift the Rugby League World Cup, joined by Jodie Cunningham, Jason Robinson, Chris Brindley and James Simpson at Downing Street

In at number ten n n coach Nathan Brown – who both have experience of the sport here and what a World Cup would mean for it – have been briefing against.

With friends like those, eh?

n Similarly bullish statements came from the French Federation about staging an even bigger, four tournament 2025 World Cup at the home of the competition’s birth.

President Luc Lacoste followed up the announcement by noting: “Everyone is behind us. Already messages are pouring in from the southern hemisphere, Asia, Africa, the UK and Middle East.”

Read all about it on page 7.

n Contrast that with the inertia behind governance here. This issue will look at a growing groundswell for change, something columnist Brian Noble has been at the vanguard of for over 18 months.

Sadly, instead of a recovery plan and some necessary decision making - the case for which has been outlined now by Shane Richardson, as he tries to get the NRL to invest in Super League, and

Speaker of the House, Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP – Super League’s board had spoken about ‘realignment’ with the governing body they chose to break away from for a second time without success, as opposed to a new and clear vision.

And there is growing dissent from players and coaches about the schedule, and chief executives about the disciplinary process. The game feels to be unravelling.

As Wakefield head coach Chris Chester puts it: “The game is in a mess, I really fear for [it] ... there is a distinct lack of leadership.”

Similarly, his club and Catalans issuing statements of displeasure in public is hardly edifying, especially when Trinity’s blog was clearly not edited. What kind of a look is that for a professional organisation?


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