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Unclean eating, p22

ARTS 42 Richard Bratby A short history of millionaire composers 44 Exhibitions Paula Rego

Martin Gayford 45 Theatre The Game of Love and Chance; Lava

Lloyd Evans 46 Cinema Off the Rails; Nowhere Special

Deborah Ross 47 Podcasts The best theatre pods

Nicola Christie Television How to Become a Tyrant; Bo Burnham: Inside James Delingpole 48 Pop Celeste; Nadine Shah

Michael Hann 49 Opera Buxton International Festival

Richard Bratby

Over the limit, p38


LIFE 53 High life Taki Low life Jeremy Clarke 54 Real life Melissa Kite 56 The turf Robin Oakley Bridge Susanna Gross 57 Wine club Jonathan Ray AND FINALLY . . . 50 Notes on… Gosforth Cross

William Moore 58 Chess Luke McShane

Competition Lucy Vickery 59 Crossword Mr Magoo 60 No sacred cows

Toby Young Battle for Britain

Michael Heath 61 Sport

Roger Alton Your problems solved Mary Killen 62 Food

Tanya Gold Mind your language Dot Wordsworth

Circademia, p36

Millions of people are being pinged, and very annoying it is. But the more worrying question for the future of our country is: how many people have been Xi Jinpinged? Charles Moore, p11

Every redblooded Englishman has believed that exercise in the open air is the finest prophylactic against popery, adultery and the fine arts. Peter Jones, p21

Yes, yes, I’ll accept cookies – now let’s see her off Love Island in her smalls. Sam Leith, p27


James Bartholomew is a journalist and the director of the Museum of Communist Terror. On p24 he laments the death of English gardening.

Henry Blofeld OBE, who writes about the new cricket format, The Hundred, on p26, was a commentator for BBC Radio 4’s Test Match Special for 45 years.

the spectator | 24 july 2021 |

Damian Thompson, who writes about QAnon on p32, is the author of Counterknowledge: How We Surrendered To Conspiracy Theories, Quack Medicine, Bogus Science and Fake History.

Dea Birkett is an author, journalist and the ringmaster of Circus 250 ( She writes about how academics discovered the circus on p36.

David Patrikarakos writes about the collapse of Lebanon on p40. His books include War in 140 Characters: How Social Media Is Reshaping Conflict in the Twenty-First Century.


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