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4 Te s 23 JULY 2021

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Come on, catch up Why the catch-up delay might widen the existing disadvantage gap, ideas for summer activities, plus more from this week

The jazz age Tes’ 10 questions: jazz star and children’s TV host YolanDa Brown pays tribute to the teacher who showed her ‘the power of music’

Give me a breaktime Breaktimes are shrinking, but research shows that they are valuable for learning – and offers advice on how to make the most of them

SpellboundGiving pupils lists of words to learn breeds anxiety – there are much more fun ways to get pupils engaged in spelling, say experts

Total recall A history teacher explains how she successfully applied retrieval practice to her own learning to fill gaps in her subject knowledge

Coaching culture One-to-one instruction for teachers can be very effective in raising standards – but you need the right culture, says Josh Goodrich

Game on Gaming can be hugely beneficial for students with additional needs and open up learning opportunities, say staff at one specialist college

Next week Show me the money Why children feel they are missing out on financial education in schools

Correction In “10 questions with Lucy Kellaway” ( Te s, 16 July), it was stated that Ms Kellaway founded Now Teach in 2019. She in fact co-founded the charity in 2016. Te s regrets the error.

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