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THE COVER picture is a photograph by Phil Iddison of a halfoka weight described and repeated as figure 1 in his article below. Copyright © 2021 Prospect Books and the named authors. In case it is not self-evident, any unsigned contribution to this journal is written by Tom Jaine. ISSN 0142–4857 Published in Great Britain in 2021 by Prospect Books, 26 Parke Road, London SW13 9NG. e-mail Catheryn Kilgarriff < > Typeset in Garamond by Tom Jaine. Printed and bound in Britain by the Short Run Press, Exeter.


You may pay either by sterling cheque on a London bank made payable to Prospect Books or by Visa or Mastercard. Foreign subscribers who pay by card will be debited in sterling. You can also pay through our website < >. Institutional rate, when subscribing through agents, £55 per annum.

UK Overseas


£50.00 £60.00


£30.00 £50.00

any back number* £7.00 £7.00

* If you wish to order more than one back number, please contact Catheryn by e-mail and we can arrange a more sensible price.

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