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HVm VeeZVa4 EgdiZXi^dc [gdb i]Z[i VcY VXX^YZciVa

YVbV\Z [gdb _jhi (%

6aa^Vco Bjh^XVa >chjgVcXZ egdk^YZh heZX^Va^hi eda^X^Zh [dg Vaa ineZh d[ bjh^XVa ^chigjbZcih#

8dkZg hiVgih [gdb _jhi (% V nZVg 6 kVg^Zin d[ egdYjXih id hj^i ^cY^k^YjVa cZZYh 8Vaa cdl dg k^h^i jh dca^cZ [dg V fjdiZ

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6aa^Vco Bjh^XVa >chjgVcXZ


IZgbh! XdcY^i^dch VcY ZmXZhh Veean# 6aa^Vco Bjh^XVa >chjgVcXZ ^h V igVY^c\ cVbZ d[ 7g^i^h] GZhZgkZ >chjgVcXZ 8dbeVcn A^b^iZY 7G>8 ! V l]daan dlcZY hjWh^Y^Vgn d[ 6aa^Vco >chjgVcXZ eaX# 7G>8 ^h Vji]dg^hZY VcY gZ\jaViZY Wn i]Z ;^cVcX^Va HZgk^XZh 6ji]dg^in# GZ\^hiZgZY d[ÑXZ/ *, AVYnbZVY!

Exhilarating and poignant, full of rhythmic fascination and haunting melodies

T he Obser ve r

JUST EAST HOUSE OF LEAVES Neil Angilley: keys Jeremy Shoham: reeds Phil Scragg: bass Rick Finlay: drums/perc

November/December Thu 24th Hebden Bridge: Trades Club Fri 25th Boxford: The Fleece Tue 29th Newcastle: Schmazz @ the Cluny Wed 30th Scarborough: Cask Inn Thu 1st Manchester: Matt & Phred’s

With Support from Jazz Services Ltd, and Arts Council England

What the professionals say!

Damon Brown

Damon Brown plays his ‘Signature’ RMRB Rimless and Bell Stayless™ Trumpet.

"I love playing this trumpet. The response, the feel and above all the beautiful tone throughout the range make it a pleasure to play. As soon as I blew it I decided to use it on my upcoming gigs and recordings and I was thrilled with the results. The warmth and depth of the sound are apparently in part attributable to its unique design which incorporates a rimless and stayless bell. The instruments also look good and you can feel someone has thought hard about the details. I also enjoyed the flugelhorn and now can’t wait to try the long model cornet. It’s exiting to see an innovative British made instrument on the market. Good luck to Raw Brass." – Damon Brown

Tel: 0845 601 2815 Fax: 01634 816194

Website: Email:

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