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Simon Spillett

"The Raw Brass Tenor Saxophone combines unique design features, eyecatching aesthetics and sonic capabilities to create a 21st century saxophone for 21st century musicians. In a trade monopolised at one end by long-established brand names and at the other by inferior facsimiles, Raw Brass can be applauded for coming up with a saxophone which acknowledges many of the tenets of previously successful manufacturers but which has a genuine identity all its own. The rimless bell and metallurgic proper ties of the lacquerless body are probably best explained by those in the know, but as a player who has played many of the leading "classic" tenor saxophones and found most newer instruments lacking in tonal consistency, projection and warmth; let me say that the Raw Brass tenor has all these necessary qualities in abundance. I sincerely wish Raw Brass all the very best in finding its own very deserved place on the international pantheon of instrument manufacturers." – Simon Spillett

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