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CONTENTSSeptmeber 2021 • Volume 93 • Issue 09


38AUSTRALIA’SRENEWABLES PARADOX Australia has the highest per-capita use of rooftop solar power but the federal government still keenly supports fossil fuels. Matthew Brace asks what’s up Down Under?


THE NEW UK FARM In the wake of the new trade deal with Australia, Mark Rowe asks whether opening up the UK to meat from other continents will spell the end of British farming.


GREAT GREEN WALL A visit to Burkina Faso highlights the importance of the ambitious project to save the Sahel.


PORTRAITS OF XINJIANG A photography project documents changes in the infamous Chinese province.

52 Find out more about the benefits of joining at

RGS panel

Find out more about the benefits of joining at www.

SPOTLIGHT ON: THE COA VALLEY Following the plot to revive an important part of the Portuguese rural heartland.


DEPARTMENTS WORLDWATCH 8 Climate accountability 10 E-waste 11 Climatewatch 12 Colourblind mapping 13 Ecoacoustics 14 Geopolitical hotspot: China’s nuclear weapons 16 Column: Heartbeat of Iran 18 Research round-up

REGULARS 60 Geo-graphic: World energy 62 Essay: Geopolitics of flags 68 Geo-photographer: Jamie Hawkesworth 70 Reviews 74 Where in the World? 75 Crossword 76 In Society 78 RGS–IBG events 79 Discovering Britain 80 RGS-IBG archive 82 Next month: Bangalore

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