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AGENDA 07 | What to visit, read and watch

PERSPECTIVES 26 | On reflection: Romilly

Saumarez Smith Treasure hunting with the jewellery maker 29 | Opinion

The V&A’s Gus CaselyHayford gazes east 30 | The commission

A temple to craft in Venice 32 | Crafts Council view

Rosy Greenlees looks to the future 34 | New talent

Axe-maker Julia Kalthoff 37 | Best in class

This year’s star craft graduates 98 | In praise of…

Shahed Saleem on handmade mosques REVIEWS 86 | Exploring the Mayflower voyage and the self-build movement


C o n t e n t s


Clockwise from above: plate by Anne Mette Hjortshøj; Olivier Gabet in his museum home in Paris; vessels from the Disruption series by graduate Jo Northedge


Crétey lex

A| Gabet: photo ldmark


Jay j: photo jortshø

37 H

IN FOCUS 44 | Carving a niche

Pattern takes on 3D form in Halima Cassell’s monumental sculptures, finds Debika Ray 54 | Signature dishes

Isabella Smith meets the ceramic artists transforming tableware 60 | Night at the museum

Cynthia Rose peeks inside the Paris home of Olivier Gabet, director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs 68 | Looking glass

Chris Day holds up a mirror to our colonial past, writes Emma Park 75 | The big 50

To mark the Crafts Council’s 50th year, makers and critics review the past five decades

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