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ains per m rem les and by a saint, it cr umb

, consecr ated

S unday istor ians and


ing if t, far away low itations of h ed

, sh iny by f eet, thud ent, under ser vices, tours, m sh flagstone walked on ilt-up to, bu ilt-on bu under the sacr am

And c hurc h-goers, under eac h


ld f o ercian le, a M

the r ushes of the stal ls,


. D

is c heek h on al-heat, the wal ls of a stab in eared idden ir t sm there half-h e has d

. H

in im

. And

’s th pelt-press, stink-fleece, an in is br inging agine. S he

. Im

, th on an a m ing and c lose-up l way s go


an a wom tops les and an l as trees, m

. Awake.

r ists, the so the w s, hands to palm ents, stained

, peacefu

. Exhausted our e yes. Amused ild lds a c h s, she ho opens its e yes. S tares into ar m ild their gar m has spattered her brown e c h

. Th of their f eet. In sleep an wom and


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