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Amy Roa



Shane McCrae Explaining My Appearance in Certain Pictures 8 Far Past the End The Fungus Called Dead Man’s Fingers The Dead Negro in the Modernist Long Poem Philip Gross Early Nocturne, Penarth Head 14 The Named Storm Kathryn Maris Because I too feel the violence of 16 I do not insert myself into conflicts Echopoem Melissanthi / Narcissus 19 Kathryn Maris Rachael Allen from God Complex 20 Goliarda Sapienza from Ancestral 25 / Brian Robert Moore Yvonne Reddick Esther in the Asylum Garden 27 Ian Duhig Tine 28 Pheasant’s Eye An Arbitrary Light Bulb Tim Liardet When I Hear Mr Blum, the Funeral Director, 31 Karen McCarthy Woolf from un/safe 32 Sylvia Legris Pomegranate, Carthaginian Apple 38 Hare Sheathfish [sic] Earthworm Map of Medical Materials Topography of Repeating Plants and Patterns Essays

Listening for Stars: Mina Gorji on Coleridge, Oswald, Wordsworth 44 and Hadfield

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