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Edward Doegar from I never thought it would come to this 56 Nyla Matuk On Palaces 59 Krisztina Tóth Time, Time, Time 61 / Owen Good Sarala Estruch Ghazal: Say 63 denial (i) K Patrick Pickup truck sex 65 Walk Colin Channer Lent 67 Sheri Benning Of 71 Ponteix, Saskatchewan: July 1929 If she did not Taylor Strickland Lichen 76 Heil Valley Polly Atkin Mast Year / Helplessness Subscale 78 Gravitas / Rumination Subscale ’Gbenga Adeoba Tableau 80 20 Gbogi Street (Revisited)


On the Bone: Natalya Anderson on Twyla Tharp and Sharon Olds 82 Of Many Voices: A Poetic Gift of Togetherness by Karen Simecek, 92 with a poem by Momtaza Mehri


Stephanie Burt reviews Jack Underwood’s non-fiction


Declan Ryan on John Burnside and Nuzhat Bukhari


Clare Pollard reviews a new Selected Poems by Wanda Coleman 110 Naush Sabah on a new reading of Keats’s odes 115 Katrina Naomi on Abeer Ameer, Dom Bury and Victoria Kennefick 120 Stephanie Sy-Quia reviews alice hiller and Penelope Shuttle 125 Mantra Mukim on Jason Allen-Paisant and Ralf Webb 130 James Byrne reviews Fred D’Aguiar and Yousif M. Qasmiyeh 135 Lucy Mercer on Joyelle McSweeney 141

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